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    November 26, 2012 by randiatlanta

    I like to run in Brooklyn’s well known Prospect Park and good tunes keep me going.  What follows are my …
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    November 19, 2012 by randiatlanta

    Sexy, provocative and fun! All of these songs keep you working hard and make you kind of feel like you …
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  3. SET LIST: Randi…during Sandy!

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    November 5, 2012 by randiatlanta

    It has been a crazy week, Monday started out with amazing company in Cobble Hill, we spent the day working, …
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  4. SET LIST: Bad A@@ Boost

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    October 22, 2012 by randiatlanta

    Last week I took a box jump spill (aka I ate shit and bashed up my shins) and  gashing one …
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  5. SET LIST: Get Up and Move…


    October 8, 2012 by randiatlanta

    Hey all Amazons, this Randi a new contributor to Urban Amazon! One thing that gets me loving my workouts, my …
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I'll be thankful every day of my life for the love this woman has shown me. #grandmother #grandmotherslove #forevergrateful
Who wore it better? #decadechallenge
Little sister, all grown up. How blessed am I to have been a part of your perfect day. To get to share in your joy, and thereby multiply it with everyone else who came to celebrate. . Stunning 📸 by @stephanie.mccauley . 20 years ago our parents met. But I think our 5 siblings are the ones who really made out on this deal. . . #love #positiveemotionproject #bride #bridesmaid #fallwedding #bonussister #littlesister #perfectday #sisters
We're so good at making relationships complicated- with others and with ourselves! 🤦‍♀️ But when I peel away the layers of pain, defensiveness, and unhelpful patterns I'm left with 3 truths: 1️⃣ We're all human (I think👽) 2️⃣ We all have something to contribute. Unique combinations of skills and interests. Our passions and what we care about. They lead us to contributions that no one can make. And your world needs to what YOU can bring into it. 3️⃣ We all make mistakes - you. Me. Your boss. Your parents. Your kids. @msrachelhollis & @tonyrobbins . everybody. When you accept that you can forgive yourself and others for their human-ness. No one comes out perfect. We're all a work in progress. If you can accept this you can stop expecting perfection from yourself and others. Do these 3 ring true for you? Which of them do you struggle to accept and live? #growandchange #growthmindset #coaching #coachmentality #selfdevelopment #human #humanrace #acceptance #acceptyourself #weallmakemistakes
💃 . 📸 @brittanyboote . #joy #dance #curlyhairdontcare #curlyhair #weddingphotography #danceparty #dancelikenooneswatching #twirl #twirldress #letitgo #iloveweddings
Grad school update! 🤓 I haven't been posting often because I've been LEARNING! It's been wonderful so far, but it's also like trying to jam a watermelon into a teacup. 🍉🍵 😳 My brain is so full I'm worried it will pop. What are your go-to strategies when your mind is fizzling but you still have things to accomplish? 👇 . . #penn #pennmapp #levelup #gradstudent #gradschool #mapp15 #mappster