Gear Shift

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July 6, 2016 by Darlene McC

Long ago and a few apartments away I started this space to document my personal journey from totally broken (physically speaking) to totally badass (in all things, of course!)

But along the way there were some detours. As my husband has pointed out a handful of times, I try to make my hobbies into money makers and it inevitably kills them. Maybe this comes from growing up poor. Maybe from hearing too many times that if I make my passion my living I never work a day. Maybe I’m just dense.

This space was no exception. I didn’t like the monster it became, me so I just ignored it for awhile. When I’d occasionally look to it it would make me sad. 

Today I almost started a new blog. Somewhere to jot ideas or cool things I’d seen and record my journey forward through time. Then I remembered: I used to have that. And why not strip all the complicated layers off what was already perfect without them?

Let’s shift back to first. Out of the overwhelming and wasted and back to where it belongs. As something that makes me happy and gives me joy and a creative outlet. 

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