100 Training Days – Day 3: Woodway Intervals

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May 14, 2014 by Darlene McC


I have a strong professional belief that treadmills are the devil; so when I was introduced to the Woodway’s Dynamic Mode setting I was all about it. Basically, you unlock the deck so you can drive it back with your own force. It’s a bitch. And intervals on it are effective,  though I wouldn’t say fun.

After a 2 minute warm up walk I went to 1 minute running and 1 minute recovery. By the end I was barely finishing my sets and I’ve been feeling warm since.

Check out my original post if you’d like more information on my #100trainingdays. Shout out to aMerryPrankster starting Day 1 today and Code Name: mom for sticking with it. Yeah, day 4!

Anyone else out there playing along at home?

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