Wisdom Wednesday: Socrates

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May 8, 2013 by Darlene McC

That Socrates was a clever fella.  In addition to being an Athenian philosopher.  In addition to being the father of ethics & teaching Plato, he also has many well known sayings.  The following is a misquote I borrowed from a post at Sophieology on encouraging young girls to be strong instead of skinny:skinnyblog6

Depending on where you were in Ancient Greece women may have been encouraged to train like men so they could spawn stronger soldiers (Sparta) or shunned for athletic prowess.  Athens eventually had a special Olympics style games for women called the Heraean Games.  Few descriptions survive, but I like to think it was a sign of shifting social pressures involving the athletic potential of women.

A little something to think about.  Happy Wednesday, Amazons.

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