State of Amazon-y Things

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March 20, 2013 by Darlene McC

Hi Amazons.  Darlene here.

You’ve probably notice that there’s no Wisdom Wednesday today.  And the UA5k post was missing last weekend.  And the weekly updates have stopped.

There comes a time in every bloggers life when things out here, outside the computer, get busy.  We do our best to juggle; but it’s complicated.  I promise that all of you here in Amazon Land are incredibly important to me – but there’s a bit going on.  I’m working on becoming a certified Nutrition Coach, managing my training business, and there’s a sweet writing project in the works.  All that being said, a few balls are getting dropped.  Mostly from things I like to do that don’t pay the rest.  Which is Urban Amazon, mostly.

Next week I’m on vacation, so I should come back with renewed vigor.  Of course, the Amazing Ann has her EATS post on Friday and we’ll have a fresh book club for you Monday courtesy of Nikki from K&K.

So know that I love you.  And that the following exists:


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