UA5k – Week 7

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March 17, 2013 by Darlene McC

*GASP*  I just realized I never clicked “Publish” on week 6 last weekend!  Whatever shall we do?

Hopefully no one got too far off on training.  By now the beginners should be confidently in the middle of Couch to 5k.  Those doing the UA Faster 5k, here are the weeks 6 & 7 workouts:

Urban Amazon Faster 5k Week 6 & 7:

Week 6

Run 1: Another Round of Hills! Cut your recovery time again – charge down the hill and take only 2 minutes to jog back down.  Add another repeat, making it 5 this time.

Run 2: More Tempo!  Just like more cow bells, you want to keep this up.  1 mile of “desired” pace, recover, repeat 3 times.

Run 3: Long & Strong. Feel free to add more miles, but keep it under 10.

Week 7:

Run 1: Intervals, flat and fast.  You’ve done a ton of hills, so your hamstrings will be much stronger and ready to go.  This workout should be done on a relatively flat course.  Run 3 minutes at recovery pace, 2 minutes at desired pace, and 1 minute as hard as you can sustain.  Repeat 5 times.

Run 2: Tempo Time: 1 mile of “desired” pace, cut down your recovery as much as you can, and repeat 3 times.

Run 3: Long Run: Keep it under 10 and enjoy it.

Get ‘er Done!

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