Wisdom Wednesday: Love One Another Or Die

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March 6, 2013 by Darlene McC

Oh my god, it’s Wednesday!  I nearly forgot!  Woops!

Amazons, I had a fortunate weekend; as it seems half the world did this weekend past.  A source tells me it was because Mercury finally came out of retrograde, (which is helpful to know I guess… if you’re into that sort of thing).

What I do know is I needed a book before my cross-country flight, so I popped into the terminal bookstore last minute.  Finding nothing more compelling, Tuesdays With Morrie caught my eye.  If you’re unfamiliar with the 90s best-seller, it’s about a middle aged man returning to visit his mentor (on Tuesdays, of course) throughout the process of said mentor’s slow death from a degenerative disease.  Morrie (the mentor, of course) shares his thoughts on life, death, and everything you’d expect in a book like this.  It was something one of my mentors once recommended to me, but I as of yet hadn’t made time for.

I’ll skip my thoughts on the book since I’m not finished; though so far it’s been what I expected.  However, a mis-quote of W. H. Auden poem “September 1, 1939” stuck with me through my weekend – it’s quoted in the book as “love one another or perish”.  The correct stanza it’s in ends like this:

audenMy recent experience has reminded me of the inspirational potential of true connection.  I have felt rejuvenated by the time spent, despite a serious time commitment to get to those I’d missed.

If there are people in your life you’ve been missing, find a way to them.  The divisions we construct in our minds are just that: constructs.  Those walls are in your mind.  Disassemble them and reach out. For we must love one another or die.



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Little sister, all grown up. How blessed am I to have been a part of your perfect day. To get to share in your joy, and thereby multiply it with everyone else who came to celebrate. . Stunning 📸 by @stephanie.mccauley . 20 years ago our parents met. But I think our 5 siblings are the ones who really made out on this deal. . . #love #positiveemotionproject #bride #bridesmaid #fallwedding #bonussister #littlesister #perfectday #sisters
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