What Amazons Want – 2013 Goals


January 17, 2013 by Darlene McC

Howdy Amazons!  It’s the 3rd week of 2013 and I’ve been asking you to do a lot of thinking about the future.  Today we’re finally going to set some goals for 2013!  So far you’ve created a focus statement, sketched some categories for your goals, some life goals, learned the rules of long-term goal setting, where you want to be in 10 years, and some 5 year benchmarks.  If you’ve skipped a step you’ll want to go back and catch up.

You’ve made it this far and you’re doing great.  You’re working to craft your life as a proactive, thoughtful person.  Good job.  Most of the scary questions are over.

Choosing 2013 Goals

Take a look at your 5 year tier.  There’s probably a lot there.  It’s possible that looking at them you think “how am I going to get this all done!?” and have a little dab of anxiety.  Well, the truth:

You are not going to get all of it done.

At least not in 2013.  And maybe not by 2018.  If you’ve held yourself to a high standard you may not get there; but you’ll be on the right track.  It’s likely that once you’ve changed a few habits and reached a few goals you’ll realize that you want something different and re-write half of what you’ve done.  That’s okay.

It’s also possible that you set the bar a little low and you’ll house through it very quickly.  In that case you’ll have learned you’ve got more in you than you thought and it’s time to raise the bar.

Things are going to change.  This is a moving target.  Take the pressure off yourself.

Stressing out about how much there is to do & how far some of these goals are is only going to deter you.  This is not brain surgery.  No on is going to die.  Life is a process.

Suck it up, sister.  You can do this.  I know you can.

So lets choose some goals for 2013.

Pick 5

Ever played the lotto game Pick 5?  You choose 5 numbers and cross your fingers.  Well, we’re going to choose 5 goals, but we’re not going to leave success to chance.  Next week we’re going to make plans for how to success, but for now you want to pick your winning 5.

(“Why 5?” you ask?  Cause it’s a nice round number you can tick off your fingers.  You can hold it in your head and repeat them as a mantra every day if you want to… or not.  If you want to choose 3 or 10 that’s up to you; but I’d suggest keeping it simple until you’ve gotten rolling.  You can always add more later.)

Review your 5 year goals and choose the 5 things that matter the most to you.  These are the things that reach out and grab you in the heart/gut/throat.  For each of them I want you to give yourself an honest assessment of where you need to be in 1 year to be set in 2018.  For example:

Within the next 5 years I want to have done multiple Olympic distance triathlons.  In 2013 I need to run 2 sprint tris so I can get over the anxiety that running a tri causes and feel comfortable.

Within 5 years I want been promoted to management.  To do so I’ll want to have obtained such and sucha certification and had projects of such and sucha size in 2013.

In 5 years I want to knit a cable cord sweater.  In 2013 I have to learn to knit!

Get the idea?  The exception to the “Choose 5” rule is anything financial.  If you need to save money or get out of debt or get yourself on budget that’s automatically in the 5.  If you can’t pay your bills everything else takes a back seat.  Such as:

Within the next 5 years I want to be able to buy my own home.  In 2013 I need to save a minimum of $12k to be sure I’ve got an adequate down payment on a mortgage.

The Order of Things

Huzzah!  You’ve got 5 goals for 2013!  Now I want you to order them from most important to least important to you.  (If you have money problems I’d suggest bumping that one up toward the top.)

My (Darlene’s) 5 goals for 2013:

1. Save $12k toward the down payment on a house.
2. Reach a certain body composition before my 30th birthday.
3. Run 2 triathlons and 3 – 5k’s.  Win the Run for Change.
4. Maintain a healthy work/life balance.
5. Visit 3 national parks (one of our life goals is to visit all of them).

There are many other off-shoots of my 5 year goals that I keep tucked in my back pocket, but these are my “Focus 5”.  You’ll no doubt have other big target items outside your five, and we’ll talk about them down the line.  For now, pat yourself on the back.  You’re doing good work for yourself.

Looking Ahead

Next week we’ll need this order in place to start changing habits.  Using current psychological research regarding habit loops we’re going to craft specific statements to help you start changing your life from the inside (of your brain!) out.  For now, own these 5.  Count them on your fingers in order so they’re ingrained in your DNA.


What are your 5?  Share them below, we’d love to hear & you’ll be giving other Amazons some food for thought.

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