SET LIST: Underground Power!

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November 12, 2012 by randiatlanta

Made this list a few weeks ago, butt it’s especially relevant after a week with power.

Walking down the street, listening to music, there are some songs that come on and trigger the fantasy of breaking out into a full on dance routine and rocking out. Being the New Yorker that I am (yes I’m claiming that. I’ve made it for over 6 years) I know busting out into a dance number will not get me to where I need to go faster (we walk fast here). I am not capable enough to just bust a move every moment of the day; I need to conserve a bit of energy ya know?

That being said, this SET LIST is a bit underground but totally moveable. Enjoy some good beats (did I just say that?) fun lyrics, slow builds so you can get the power back to blast that cardio or really lift heavy. YACHT from Portland is in the mix; and I being a down home girl raised in Oregon have to support some P-town music. JD Samson from MEN is the best live; I dance and dance when I go to their shows! And “shake it out” is just a powerful song. That power helps finish that last mile or set every time!

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