SET LIST: Randi…during Sandy!

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November 5, 2012 by randiatlanta

It has been a crazy week, Monday started out with amazing company in Cobble Hill, we spent the day working, and talking, and listening to music trying to get our minds off what was to come. Tuesday was spent much of the same way but a bit more silent.  Cabin fever got the best of us and we headed to the gym where I started thinking about this playlist. A sad day walking around Brooklyn, in a way bittersweet. I’m thankful I’m okay, but at the same time I know others are struggling.

Today’s Set List has a few “hurricane” songs thrown in, but the frustration is at it’s core (note the Eminem). I’ve listened to it a few times, working out and just in my room while I contacting friends, family and clients. We’re doing the best we can here, riding around Brooklyn on my bike when the trains fail.  Time to get back to it:

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