Super Saturday Ahead

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September 8, 2012 by Darlene McC

Up early for a Saturday.  I couldn’t sleep.  Too amped about today’s planned adventure (some might call it nerves, but I can’t be that pessimistic right now).

This afternoon I’ll be headed out to Jersey, way out by the Delaware, to try my hand at one of the newest athletic fads: Extreme Obstacle Course Racing.  Military style obstacles + you + your buddies = ???

It’s the Tri-State Super Spartan.  I thought I was in for 8 miles and 20 obstacles; but I missed the little plus signs after those two numbers.  According to their facebook post earlier this week it’s going to be 10 miles; and who the **** knows about the obstacles.  Fire. Mud. Heights. Wall climbs. Barbed Wire. The whole 9 yards (though knowing Spartan Race, they’d have 12 just to push you).

I’ll have a full race report for you tomorrow.  These kind of races are becoming very popular, and if 5ks are starting to bore you it’s time to check out something a little more intense.

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