September 3, 2012 by Darlene McC

I have an awesome client named Nikki (2 actually, but this post only involves 1 of them).  I’m quite fond of her.  She requested strongly that I share these two things for your enjoyment.  The first is best without much explanation:

When asked by my father-in-law if this was a prototype or photoshop, Nikki replied “both”.  Be a-feared!

Secondly, Nikki would like you to know that she is, in fact, a “real” Nikki on her birth certificate.  Because I have 2 clients with this nomer, but only 1 is “real” Nikki likes my nickname for her and needed to immortalize it:

You’ll notice her feet are crossed.  We’re unsure whose error the name crossing was, her’s or the small children in a 3rd world country who Nike is using.  Should you need your own nick-name customized Nikes they’re here.  I’m glad to say her workouts have been more intense since these showed up.  Whether that’s a product of the sneakers or a punishment from me for the fbook pic I leave to you to decide.

One thought on “Sillies.

  1. […] helped me to understand their culture.  One such client, the infamous “Real” Nikki of crazy shorts and sneakers fame, felt compelled to put herself on blast.  I enjoyed a good chuckle as sunset approached last night […]

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