Wisdom Wednesday: Skinny Girls and Fit Girls

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August 29, 2012 by Darlene McC

It’s been an amazing summer and I’m fresh back from the best adventure so far with plenty to write about and ideas for new adventures to plan.  In the mean time, I owe the interwebs about a dozen posts.  Here now though is a WW I’ve been chuckling about for awhile.  I’m not sure where I heard it first (probably the Faceparty) but it’s a keeper.

I can hear Lykaios in my head now saying “But skinny girls DON’T look good in clothes!  They don’t look good at all!!”  I know, I know, okay?  Take the line as it is intended, to be cute and funny and stick in your brain.  Get out there and work hard, appreciate your body for what it’s capable of doing more than for what your waist band number is, and dance naked sometimes because it’s fun.

Every Wednesday I share quotes, ideas, and thoughts to help inspire, drive, and provoke reflection.  Check out past Wisdom Wednesday posts, share your thoughts in the comments, and feel free to share some of what inspires you for future posting.

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