Amazon Evolution Update: Leveling Up!

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June 10, 2012 by Darlene McC

With this weekend’s completion of some major milestones I’m freakin’ thrilled to be able to say I leveled in the Amazon Evolution Challenge:

Lvl 2: Berry Picker! (122  pts)

I scored points through 3 of the goals on my list: ridding my apartment of storage clutter (20 pts), organizing the office shelves(10 pts), and (do do do doooooo) Completing a Sprint Distance Triathlon (30 pts)!  I also scored 1 point for my frequency of posting, bringing my grand total to 122 points.  I’d planned on rewarding myself for each level with something pertinent to the activities/goals/challenges that I did in the previous level; but my medal from the Tri is so freakin’ sweet I think it’s reward enough.

I’m planning to pen a race report later this week once it’s sunk in a little more (and I’ve slept a bit) – for now I just want to say Thank You.  To my awesome parents Sharon, Dave, and Jak for showing up and supporting me.  To my brother Dan for helping me with race logistics.  To my husband for being with me even if he wasn’t physically with me.  And to all of my amazing friends for your texts, calls, emails, tweets, facebook shout outs and other assorted forms of love.  You all know who you are… and the fact that your shoutouts included “Amazon” just about made my heart burst.  What an amazing, validating, wonderful day.  Good night to you all – sleep well, Tribe.

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