Pray For Me: My First Tri

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June 9, 2012 by Darlene McC

I’m marked and ready.  It’s almost Tri time.

Tomorrow I will rise early and head (a little farther) North to Schylerville, NY for the Hudson Crossing Triathlon.  I’m a little anxious.  Sure, I’ve trained – but I could’ve done more.  I’m on a borrowed bike, so I’m worried about gear shifting and if I can really trust the tired.  It’s a lot heavier than my little fixie, and more of a trail bike so it’s not exactly fast.

But I’ll do it, by golly!

My awesome Mother-in-Law, Becky, left me a kickin’ message on Facebook this morning that took a bit of the worry out of my mind.

I hope all your training makes things easier for you and makes it possible for you to come out injury free! Be strong, Amazon!

There are people out there who love me and believe in me and, despite all the injuries and how far I’ve come, know I’m strong and can do this.  Tomorrow, by 10:30am EST I’ll have completed one of my goal/quests and leveled.  Barring major incident, it’s on.

(Thanks to my big brother Dan for playing photographer)

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