Humans and Hardware

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January 15, 2012 by Darlene McC

Mantras and mottos are powerful things.  They push us through when we need a metaphysical shove and they give people and organizations focus and drive.  I learned a new one today and I’ve been thinking about it all afternoon.

Humans are more important than hardware.

It’s the motto of the US Green Berets training program; professional badasses who know what it’s like to work hard, think on their feet, and utilize creative problem-solving under immense stress.  It’s simple, catchy, and elegant: what matters on the scene isn’t what cool gadget you have, but that you sent the right man (or WOman) for the job.  This interpretation pushes you (or at least me) to be ready for whatever’s going to pop up, with or without tools.

There’s an alternate interpretation that comes to mind: that what matters isn’t your shit, it’s your people.  Screw whatever you might be carrying and keep your friends right at hand, they’re whose going to save your skinny butt in the end.

What other mantras really sink your battleship?  Hit the comments and share away.

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