Earthquake in NYC


August 23, 2011 by Darlene McC

I’m sure the world heard by now (or you noticed because most of you are on the Eastern sea board) but an earthquake hit and rumbled NYC today.  A bit of urban adventure!

Take part: if you felt it you should report it (other than on facebook and twitter).  I’ve heard conflicting reports on if it was centered in VA or Ottawa; but there was also a major quake in Colorado last night.  Precursors to a big one on the North American continent?

Update at 2:10: Looks like the USGS is saying it was Virginia, not Canada.  They’re also showing a small one upstate yesterday, that large on in Colorado, and a few small ones in the middle of the country.  Earthquake survival tips, just in case this is a warning shot 😉

Update at 2:20: Woah, didn’t expect so many hits.  Tell us where you were.  What were you doing and what did you feel?  Were you scared?  Was it weird?

My cats kinda freaked and I watched the curtains move.

Update at 2:30: Parts of the Pentagon, White House, and Capital were evacuated?  Really?


6 thoughts on “Earthquake in NYC

  1. joel says:

    holy shit….. that was scary.

    • UrbanAmazon says:

      What’d you see Joel? Just the feeling was scary? This is my 2nd earthquake (both in New York state) so it wasn’t quite as shocking for me.

      • joel says:

        it’s not what i saw…. it’s what i felt. first i felt my chair shake, then my body, then i touched my desk and it was shaking. i went into my living room and i felt the floor shaking. i ran out of my apartment and into the street, where the sidewalk was trembling. then it stopped.

  2. […] is-a-coming and she’s going to clip New York City on the way by.  Yup, we’re getting an earthquake and a hurricane in the same week!  I know, I know… NYC gets everything all the time.  Just […]

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