SN #62 #63 – Praline and Apricots

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June 1, 2011 by Darlene McC

Something New #62 – Praline

A friend recently headed over to Lisbon, Portugal to give a demonstration at a conference; and proceeded to spend the entire trip in his hotel room making code.  These are his choices and I do my best not to judge them… however, he was kind enough to bring back some fine Belgian chocolate to reward me for some copy editing and a few graphics I slapped together.  The center of these confections were a nougaty center that, to my knowledge, I’ve not before sampled.  I’m unsure if it was this particular recipe or a this is true of all praline everywhere, but I don’t really see what the big deal is.  I’m just sayin’…

Something New #63 – Apricots

Another small eatable has recently come into my life by way of the fruit stand on the corner.  I’ve been trying something new (lowercase) with my morning routine; in addition to having given up coffee (gasp!) I am only eating fruit in the morning.  Here’s the deal: I wait until I’m actually hungry before eating then, and only then, I have a piece of fruit.  And then I wait until I’m hungry again, then more fruit.  On and etcetera until it’s morning snack time.  As you can imagine bananas and apples are getting a little old; so me & Mr. Fruit Vendor have had a date every other morning.  Last week I saw those little orange-yellow flesh balls calling my name and though ‘huh.  I’ve only ever had them dried…’.  Well, let me tell you: They’re so much better than dried!  The flavor was more event, the texture was good, and I enjoyed them fully.  In fact, I’ll probably pick some up tomorrow.

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