Something New #61: Water Street Bar

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May 25, 2011 by Darlene McC

Walking through DUMBO at dusk I was awed that such a place exists in the borough of Brooklyn.  I could see Manhattan peeking between the buildings, the afternoon reflections winking at me.  I could live here. I thought; quickly followed by Yeah, if my parents had been investment bankers.

My parents were not investment bankers and I wont be moving up to a luxury high rise in one of NYC’s trendiest spots any time soon; however I did have a great salad and a few good beers last night at the Water Street Restaurant/Bar.  I can’t tell you which they actually call themselves because the awning and the menu were in conflict on the “restaurant or bar” question.  Though it was stupidly hot inside the water and the beer were both cold so I didn’t really mind.  They have a lot going for them down there; great location, a TON of room in the restaurant (a prize in any NYC watering hole), and a huge basement room for parties and such that just looks like a place for a good time.

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