Something New #59 – Fiddleheads

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May 18, 2011 by Darlene McC

What’s a fiddle head?  It’s the top of a fiddle fern, duh!  Why do you care?  Because they taste like ‘yum’!

Yup, that's it...

This is a fiddlehead.... fiddle head.

I first heard of fiddle heads 2 or 3 years ago from my adventurous, out-doorsy, wilderness-loving brother-in-law Adam.  He said he’d seen some while out on a hike and how much he loved them.  We’d planned to pick some and cook them up, but never managed to get around to it.  Fast forward to last week while I prepped my first CSA order with Holton Farms and ‘boom’, Fiddleheads right near the top.

After nipping off the browned ends that cropped in after their journey from Vermont, I steamed my fiddleheads while making some wild mushroom fettuccine (also from the farm truck.  made by a pasta maker upstate).  I mixed these together with butter (from the farmer’s market, made at a little dairy about 120 miles from my apartment), garlic salt, pepper, and parm.  Suuuuuuper good!

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