Something New #40 – Look Ma, No Tire

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April 6, 2011 by Darlene McC

This Something New wasn’t something I did as much as something that happened to me.  Sure, I’ve been in car accidents before.  I’ve had flat tires, I’ve been rear-ended (3 times), and I’ve even had one of those accidents that was “supposed to kill me”; but there’s just something about the spectacularly ridiculous nature of this one that warrants a “Something New”.

Saturday I was up in the Green Mountain State for my last snow board bombing trip of the year.  I am, by no means, good at snowboarding, but despite the soreness the next day it’s a lot of fun.  After a long trip up from the city on Friday night we opted to sleep in just a little before heading over to the mountain.  I haven’t had a car since moving to the city so we were in my friend’s ancient and beat-to-shit pickup, Bertha.  (For the record: I’m the kind of person that appreciates the kind of person who has a pick-up truck with a milkmaid name).  Bertha has had it rough in life; but they try to be good to her.  She’d just had fresh rotors and breaks put on.  It was a home job, but if you want something done right you do it yourself, right?

We were pulling off one of those beat-up dirt roads that makes me a little home sick for my country roots and out ‘onto the paved road’ when the back end fishtailed a little.  Nothing big; in fact, we both thought it was just a patch of ice.  After a few hundred feet of acceleration the truck shuttered and dropped a little.

“Aww, a flat.” I uttered as we moved off toward the side of the highway.  I turned to see my friend nod just in time to see the left rear tire bounce past his window.  I gaped; and then a bit wider when the hub cap followed.  The entire wheel mount had popped clear and the various bits were rolling out into the snowcovered field.  While he called his parents and AAA I climbed out and bounded into the thigh-deep snow to retrieve the tire and mount.  The lug nuts were a little ground and some of the threads stripped; we hadn’t made it far.

To clarify a little further, the night before we’d been going 75 on a major highway for about 4 hours.  We are fuc&ing lucky!

AAA came, the truck was towed, and a nice fellow by the name of Mr. Riley and his son fixed it up for the next morning.  The rest of the weekend was spent bombing down the mountain.  Best part (besides not being seriously injured)?  This all happened right in front of the Long Trail Brewery, so when we went in to wait for our ride they gave us extra beers on the house!


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So much of life is in how we transition. In if we allow ourselves a process, get stuck, or judge ourselves in moments of deep change. If we can find calm in our storms and not cling as things slip past us. - - - I've been home from Koh Phanang, Thailand for 4 days & mostly sleeping. This beautiful trip rocked me and my soul. I've come back with clarified questions and a fire inside, ready for the exciting changes to come. - - - Has something ignited your fire recently? What changes are on your horizon that you're hoping to rise to? Share in the comments. - - #throwbackthursday #tt #kohphagan #thailand #wanderlust #wanderwoman #sunset #beachvibes #beachlife #zenbeach #beautiful #meditation #selfgrowth #personaldevelopment #selfcare #growandchange
Travel is a huge challenge for #spoonies - for those with hEDS it's a shock to the nervous system and a real struggle. I'm only 1/3 of the way into my 40 hour haul from Thailand to New York and was already starting to feel the effects of the flight. Dizzy, nauseous, disoriented. What's a #zebra to do? . . . I applied all I've learned the last month with @luna_alignment_yoga of course! If my nervous system is the problem, what if I use movement to help? First I got a massage and took a shower, because that always helps. Then I combined @yogigypsynomad and my finals her use of #sunsalutation to stimulate the autonomic nervous system, and then I added some more forward folds and gentle twists to calm it back down. Finished up with 7 min of pranayama to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. . . The result? I'm hungry! When those with hEDS fly we experience gastroparesis - a stalled digestive system. Thats why the nausea. Being hungry means the practice worked! Any spoonies out there who want to know more DM me. . . What do you think @talswissa is that intelligent practice? Would Anu be proud? 😉 . . . #movementismymedicine #spoonievictory #spooniewarrior #myillnessdoesnotdefineme #yogaeverywhere #lunaalignmentyoga #alignmentyoga #alignmentfirst #trainsmarter #selfcare #selfcareisselflove #learningtolovemyself #hEDS #EhlersDanlos #EhlersDanlosSyndromes
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I came to Thailand to shift my perspective - today we took that literally! My first full inversion! . . . Conventional medical "wisdom" will tell you I can't do this - that people with Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility Type aren't getting any better. The first two weeks of Alignment Yoga Teacher Training have focused on what I figured out to survive: with proper alignment and strength the body can stabilize. Strength is the name of my game! . . . No doubt there are some zebras and spoonies out there struggling. To you I say: it's been 11 years since my diagnosis and I've come lightyears since then. Dig deep. Keep learning. Never surrender (except in meditation). . . . And I still have 2 weeks more! 🙌 . . . #EhlersDanlosSyndromes #EhlersDanlos #hEDS #spoonievictory #spoonie #spooniewellness #yogi #inversion #headstand #yoga #200ytt #alignmentyoga #lunaalignmentyoga @luna_alignment_yoga #strong #strongwoman #kohphagan #selflove #selfcareisselflove #nevergiveup
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