Something New #28 – Kung Fu


March 25, 2011 by Darlene McC

When a girl grows up with two older brothers one of two things happens: a) they protect her and she is a little princess, or b) she’s recognized as being like them and treated like a boy resulting in a super-tom-boy.  I am the latter (and better for it in my opinion).  So Monday when I decided to try king fu as my something new no one in my immediate circle of influence was as all surprised.

I had expected not to be able to keep up in a room full of people who are so full of testosterone that they fight for fun.  I should explain: this wasn’t really a “normal” class. It’s a group a few friends of mine belong to that gets together a fee days a week in a rented dance studio deep in China town & passes on what they know. It’s hard not to feel a little bit like you’re in a karate kid spin-off as you’re welcomed like a new friend and one of the guys tells you what to do for conditioning and then shows you basic forms to practice.

I kept up; but more than that, I had fun. I liked feeling like I was on a team and this was the first day of practise. The anticipation and the subtle urge to prove myself mixed with the enjoyment of physical activity.  I’ll be heading back next Monday.

One thought on “Something New #28 – Kung Fu

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