Baltimore, 10, 11, and 12

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March 6, 2011 by Darlene McC

Busy week, and the writing diligence has certainly slipped; however, there’s been a lot going on and I’m not going to beat myself up over doing good work.

Something New #10 – Pacificana & Coconut Jell-o

Tuesday evening the plan was to cook something new, but laziness and a dislike of the kitchen convinced me to turn to Google Maps and find another option.  Turns out that one of “the best” Chinese restaurants in Brooklyn is within walking distance of my apartment ~ of course, in the direction I’ve never really explored.

A strip mall stucco exterior in Brooklyn’s Chinatown hides an airy hall with vaulted ceilings, sky-high windows, and frosted-glass chandeliers. ~ New York Magazine

They’re spot on, and the cruise-ship-sized dining room was completely empty on a Tuesday night.  I almost felt guilty when we only slightly over-tipped the four waiters due to the lack of business; though apparently it’s a 2+ hour wait on the weekends.  The food was amazing, very flavorful and generously portioned without the wallet whimper.

The real kicker though was the desert (which they brought when we told them ‘no thanks’) ~ coconut jell-o.  My dining companion was seriously unimpressed, but I loved the stuff.  Served with fresh orange slices it was nice and light after a pretty serious meal.  Try it if  you get the chance.

Something New #11 – BALTIMORE!

Last week I got a call from my friend Mike over at Generous Company asking if I’d like to come down to Baltimore to help be part of an announcement they made Friday (we’ll get to that later).  Of course I said yes; I love Mike and I’ve been wanting to meet his partners-in-crime down at GenCo for awhile.  But also I’d never been to Baltimore!  Or ridden Bolt Bus!

(On the way out of the city Bolt Bus was a breeze.  We literally left to the minute on time and got in almost as close.  Our driver was very obviously paying attention when she avoided the jack-knifed tractor trailer that was blocking all 3 lanes and would’ve kept us there for 4+ hours.)

Baltimore seems like an amazing city; though granted I only saw a small part of one of the older neighborhoods for 2 days.  Our first night we ate at Tapas Teatro and it was truly fantastic.  Specifically, the deserts were beyond good.  My friend S and I ordered two to share: the chocolate purse (because of it’s name) and the goat cheese cheesecake (because it’s GOAT CHEESE CHEESECAKE!).  We dug in and each had a look of chocolate-induced-awe; so much so that when the waitress came back to ask how we liked them we both looked up in unison and mumbled “Oh my GAWD!”.  She backed away slowly.

But not just the food ~ Baltimore has some serious artists initiatives that have been helping to build communities out of nearly-abandoned neighborhoods.  I was genuinely impressed by their efforts to bring and keep artists around.

Which brings me to….

Something New #12 – Reading of REVELATION and GenCo’s Announcement

As I mentioned above, I was there to perform in an event for Generous Company; specifically a reading of Samuel Brett Williams’ play in development, REVELATION.  (You can view a quick teaser for it by checking out this post).  The reading went well and it was an interesting internal challenge for me ~ performing with the writer in the room isn’t always something you get to do as an actor, especially this early in his process; so trying to balance my own choices with what I believe are his intentions was new for me.

The reading went very well; and Generous Company made the announcement that they are to be a company in residence at the Baltimore Theatre Project in 2011.  This partnership includes the moving of their summer playwriting intensive festival, WordBRIDGE, to Baltimore this year.

I also had the pleasure of working with a talented and engaging group of actors and the artistic director of WordBRIDGE, Dave White.  Finally being in the room with them really drove home for me something I’ve heard about GenCo for years, which is their focus on building a community of artists.  I definitely got that this weekend and sincerely hope I get to work with them again.

Bonus: Something New #13 – Brooklyn Black

What’s a Something New post without beer, right?  Well, after all that travelling I went back to Ginger Man for a quick meeting and had myself another new beer: Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.  I had every intention of doing a different something new; but when I rolled through the door at 12:15 I had missed my chance!  So, beer it is.


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Is the goal to be as big as possible? To dominate the landscape and block out the sun? 🌳 Or is the goal to have depth? To have purpose? To offer something worth having and grow to be steady and stable? 🌱 The last 2 years have grown me in immeasurable ways. They've forced me to think about my goal, purpose, and success and let go of what was hollow. My teachers would call that my "ego" - we all need one in the modern world, but if too much of us is ego our success is hollow. Eventually, hollow wins fall. 🌴 Doing the work, building the foundation of who you are, exploring what your purpose and what brings you joy allows you to grow to incredible heights; and the foundation allows you to weather the storms of life. 🍂 Share with me your genuine purpose, goals, and success. What keeps you grounded and growing? Hit those comments. 🌺 #quote #phrase #saying #success #motivation #motivatedmonth #growandchange #growdammit #hardwork #nevergiveup #lifecoach #lifefindsaway
Sometimes this is what “the work” feels like. 🐌 “The work” = that place where your resistance lives.  Where you want to quit, but you also know you’ll have to come back here again to ultimately get where you’re growing. 🦗 A few months ago my mom and I had this brilliant idea… we’d have MDSDBC: Mother Daughter Self Development Book Club.  Cute, right?! 😏 SO we decided to start with listening to Brene Brown “Daring Greatly” on audiobook at the same time. Let’s just say: Not cute. 🤦‍♀️ 🕷 It brought up a BUNCH of stuff for both of us.  And because we both knew the other was listening to it, we also knew the other one was processing said stuff.  We had some intense conversations; and yes, it was all for the best. But it was HARD. We had to get through "the work". 🐛 Oftentimes doing “the work” is painful and difficult.  We struggle and writhe inside, wishing we were on the other side. It feels a lot like this rusty garden sign: banged up and begging to be done.  Yet, just like these plants need time and care to produce something delicious and beautiful, so do we in our self development work. 🦋 Give yourself time.  Care. Water. Sunlight. (occasionally, dirt!) Be kind to yourself, keep the predators away and the future you're trying to grow for yourself will flower. 💐 . #growandchange #growdammit #motivatedmonday #mm #selfactualization #selfdevelopment #thework #motivatedmonth #doyou #keepinkeepingon #garden #inthegarden
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Hey man, I’m with the band. . 👩‍🎤 Throwback to about a month ago - I’m out with my parents seeing their favorite local band, The Wally’s.  My mom tells Wally how I’m a singer (Thanks, mom!) and he’s like “sit in with us!”... but what he doesn’t know is it’s been over a DECADE since I’ve fronted a band.  Sure! Why not! . 😬 Saying I’m scared at that moment is an understatement. Most people don't know I developed performance anxiety about 8 years ago... including my parents.  But I remind myself this is a room full of strangers… and what can go wrong… and this is supposed to be fun… So I get up and start singing, but people are leaving.  LEAVING. Fleeing to the bar. I’m struggling to hear myself, but I know I’m on key. What’s going on!?... Turns out the mic wasn’t working properly. They couldn’t hear a thing. . 😰🥺😭 But I finished the song anyway, because what else was there to do? (We left immediately after because I was mortified. It's funny *now*.) . 😵 . Moral of the story?  If you’re scared, do it anyway.  The best place to rip the band-aid off was in a room full of strangers and the worst thing that happened was they couldn’t hear me.  So what!? Do it anyway! . . . #tt #throwbackthursday #singer #doitanyway #dowhatscaresyou #takearisk #risktaker #thewallys #thanksmom
it’s not all push and hustle.  Sometimes you’ve just got to take a break and float through it. . 📸 @jak.bestle . #summer #breathe #restore #curlygirl #backlit #float #relax #trainerlife #redneckpool #chill #heatwave
So grateful for the love 💖 . Yesterday so many people reached out to share their support and congratulations on Penn MAPP.  You guys! People were coming up to me all day to give hugs and tell me I’d inspired them. ME!?... but I haven't done anything yet?! I’m touched. Thank you to everyone who reached out. 🙏 . I was the first person in my family to finish a 4 year degree; and though my mom beat me to a Masters (so proud of her!) I'll be the first to go to an Ivy institution. 👩‍🎓 . Growing up rural poor, it was easy to think I wouldn't/couldn't get in. That people like me don't do things like this. Changing your life is often hard and scary, and it required to to rewrite your story .  But the alternative (not trying and not growing) is far worse. 🌹or🥀? . Your lovin’ keeps me goin’. I hope mine does the same. . . #girlswholift #transfomationtuesday #tt #fitpro #smartissexy #smartandfit #strongwoman #beautyatanysize #thickthighssavelives #legsfordays #squat
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