Something New – Day #3 – Origami Turtle


February 22, 2011 by Darlene McC

Check it out, new theme!  But that’s not the “new” thing today for sure.  I can tell you though, I’m getting it in under the wire…

I’m generally not patient… and I don’t do delicate work very well.  These are just not gifts I typically possess; however, part of this experiment is pushing your own edges out a bit further.  Today I wracked my little brain all afternoon trying to come up with something I could fit into my day and what I ultimately decided was to make use of some of the crafty supplies I already had floating about… and landed on the unused Origami kit I bought in DC 3 years ago!

For the record: I’ve done very simple origami before ~ but the turtle isn’t on the novice list for sure!  The first one was, well, a disaster:


The poor fellow will suffer no more… However, on attempt number two which was just finished at about 10:30 we faired better:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was fun; though tried my patience as well as my focus.  Had I not been distracted by 20 million things in the last 3 hours I would already be done and in bed right now.  Advice for the future: Know Thyself, and start this project earlier in the day.  Other than that, just be sure you buy a book with clear instructions.  Mine was very hard to follow during some of the finer work and the poor shelly-fellow is suffering for it.

One thought on “Something New – Day #3 – Origami Turtle

  1. […] your enjoyment, a video from the origami turtle […]

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