Something New – Day 2 – Update

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February 21, 2011 by Darlene McC

Today’s plan had to be modified, as plans sometimes do.  I’ll likely head to the Museum of Sex in a few more days or week, but in the mean time I had to find something else for today’s something new.  Luckily, we were heading up to Sunny Side to visit our gaming buddy Ross and his wealth of options for new things to try.  Our gaming afternoon turned out two new games:

Forbidden Island:

A silly, awesome game about an island full of treasure that’s sinking into the sea.  As the adventurers it’s your job to hunt out the treasure before you and the loot sink to their doom…


Castle Ravenloft:

After we escaped the island (twice) we delved into the dungeon board game of Castle Ravenloft.  It’s a lot like Dungeons & Dragons as a board game.  Super fun, super hard ~ as the dark is closing in around you there’s a lot of team work and strategising to be sure you pull out of it.

Oh, and there’s a huge dragon-skeleton-thing that’s trying to eat your face:

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Not all that exciting, but fun to play and good to burn time until I make it to the Museum.

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