Blizzard in BK


December 31, 2010 by Darlene McC

You might have heard about that little snowstorm that crunched through the Northeast just after that Christian Holiday.  Yeah, these pics are a bit late; but now they’re more for recording history than reporting to the world:

(Oh, and these were all taken on my Droid Incredible – which has a really awesome camera.  +3 to that!)

During the Storm

NYC Bus Stuck

John, the bearded snow-man

The Vermonters didn't seemed as shaken as the city folk.





After a long hike in the snow on the 26th (only a few blocks; but with the blowing wind it seemed so much more) we reached the subway covered with snow.








Snowbank about 4' high and 2 cars stuck in the street.

The family car buried in a snow bank








Snow in the Subway.

One thought on “Blizzard in BK

  1. […] fortunately, the city got a little egg on its face back in December and is being incredibly communicative and pro-active; but there’s a lot to know, not a lot of […]

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