Subway Schmubway

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November 9, 2010 by Darlene McC

A message to all New Yorkers.  If you’re a dick on the subway, you make other people want to be dicks to everyone else too!

Some things to try:

  1. Check if your headphones are super loud when they’re in your ears.
  2. Shut the noise on your stupid game off: we’re not playing it, so we dont want to hear it.
  3. Why not look up every few stops to be sure there isn’t someone with a cane DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOUR SEAT? (not me, just always erked me)
  4. LET PEOPLE OFF BEFORE YOU GET ON (just like an elevator… oh, wait.)
  5. If there’s only room for 2 on the stairs, stay to the right!

A note on #4 – how much does it piss you off when you’re trying to grab that train waiting in the station and that stupid jerk who just HAD TO pass 2 whole people on the stairs is in your lane on the way down?!?

Advice For Life (not just the subway): Try not to do things that would piss you of if someone did them.  It’s likely that if you do it, you’re pissing someone off.

And why would you want to be responsible for that?


Thank you.

(This message was brought to you by Darlene’s Frustrated Commute.  The Urban Amazon approved this message.)

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