Smoke and Mirrors

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October 7, 2010 by Darlene McC

Had a great weekend out in the woods.

Rock climbing is, largely, a men’s sport.  Mostly men in the gym.  Mostly men on the crags.  Mostly men camping and making big fires and getting drunk.  So when you get a group of women out climbing the experience is a bit different.  Hence, I was inclined to pull together a group of my female friends, rig ’em up, and only invite guys we knew weren’t a pain in the tuckass.

This past weekend was the inaugural

(mostly) Girls Climbing Weekend:

A great time had by all, and definitely the right mix of people.  I’m hoping it becomes a regular thing: all the ladies out in the woods and then up on the rocks.  But you know, it’s ok if a guy wanders in sometimes:

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