Real L Word Parody Part Uno (that means 1)

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September 20, 2010 by Darlene McC

The fine, brilliant, and immensely talented women of Autostraddle hooked up with the crazy ladies of Geek Goddess Productions and made a thing.  You should know I have strong feelin’s about makin’ stuff (specifically that you should shut off your television and go do it…but that’s for another post).  If you’ve had the misfortune experience of seeing any of The Real L Word on Showtime this summer this will be roll-on-your-floor hilarious.  If you haven’t it should still be damn funny.  If you know anyone whose in it, go get your Depends:

I got all a-twitter with Alex, who plays Romie/Sara/Tor about the thing:

Pussy Juice and Creamed Corn

Go laugh – you’ll feel better.

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