What’s In A Nano


September 19, 2010 by Darlene McC

Like most people, I came to appreciate the need for music and headphones much more when I moved to NYC.  The overwhelming sensory experience of the subway during rush hour makes them a near necessity.  So you can imagine my dismay when the hold button on my 4 year old nano (which has been on the fritz for some time) finally jammed ‘on’.  When it’s all hold, all the time you can’t push play.

So I tried taking matters into my own hands, and fortunately I’m not the only one.  Following the advice of this video I cracked the sucker open:

…and when I did it looked like this:

Nano guts

I isolated the hold switch from it’s external hardware; but sure enough it’s stuck.  There’s a fix, to solder the switch open, but I don’t have any teeny tiny screw drivers or soldering guns… so the question is: do I figure out how to get access to them, or pony up the $$ for a new ipod?

One thought on “What’s In A Nano

  1. steve says:

    Dear UA, been there with the subway thing. I think you’re making a mistake by tuning out the sounds – even the BIG sounds. It’s all part of the experience. I’ve done it both with and without headphones. Use the urban sounds for some UA inspiration! Enjoy!

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